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Energy Cost Savings

WBS clients enjoy energy savings of up to 90% achieved with innovative LED lighting and wireless dim-down sensor technology.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Say goodbye to costly and labour intensive bulb replacements! WBS LEDs have an average life-span of 50,000hrs.

Environment Impact

The WBS lighting solution has a decreased impact on the environment by consuming less energy and producing less heat.

Increased Safety

WBS LEDs contain no glass or environmental toxins such as lead or mercury.

Better Colour Rendering & Brightness

WBS LEDs offer increased brightness with a colour rendering closer to natural sunlight.

Flicker Free

WBS lights are flicker free to ensure a consistent and safe environment.

Energy-Saving Specialists

Return on Investment

WBS projects have an average payback period of 18 months.


WBS has an experienced team to assist you from initial inspection to post-sales support.


All WBS projects come with a 3-year manufactuers parts and 1-year labour warranty.

ESS Rebate

WBS provides Compliant Test Report which maximises your project Energy Saving Scheme rebate.

EMIoT Exit Sign being installed and commissioned by the WBS Technology Team
Energy-Efficient LED Emergency Oyster Sensored Light
EMIoT Emergency Exit Sign with Protective Cage
WBS LED Light with Lighting Sensors
Energy-Saving Fire Stairs Solution with LED Sensored Lights
EMIoT LED Emergency Exit Sign infront of Fire Safety Door
Energy Saving Car Park Lighting Solution with network lighting sensors
WBS Technology Networked Emergency Sensored Lights
Energy Saving Fire Stairs Lighting Solution with Networked Lighting Sensors
WBS Energy Saving Car Park Lighting Solution with Networked Lighting Sensors
WBS Energy Saving Fire Stairs Lighting Solution with Networked Lighting Sensors

The WBS Difference

WBS offers clients energy savings of up to 80% by using state-of-the-art LED and dim-down wireless networked lighting sensors and receivers.

The WBS wireless networked dim-down technology delivers vast energy savings by dimming down the lights in unoccupied areas to 20% brightness. By utilising a networked solution, WBS offers inhabitants increased safety and comfort by lighting up the area ahead of them.

WBS LED lighting technology offers increased product life-span, decreased maintenance costs, improved light quality, decreased energy consumption, no flickering, improved safety and produces less heat.

Experienced in Delivering Results

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Case Studies

Emergency Battery Light

Project Process


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On-Site Free Audit

One of our highly trained lighting professionals will visit your site for a free assessment.

Proposal & Business Case

WBS will provide you with a detailed proposal with the scope of work, estimated energy savings, ESS rebate, project cost and payback period.


Your dedicated WBS project manager will coordinate with the installation team to ensure minimal disruption to building operations & tenants.

Recycle & Clean Up

The WBS team will clean and remove any debris and dispose of all old light fittings following government regulations.

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Save up to 80% on your lighting energy consumption

High-quality warranty backed LED products

Wireless network dimming technology

Reduced maintenance costs

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