WBS dim down sensors can save up to 80% off your electricity bill by dimming down the lights in common areas to 20% brightness when no one is around. This is achieved via the  installation of smart wireless sensors in common areas. When movement is detected, the lights are triggered and illuminated to 100% brightness.

WBS dim down energy-saving sensor solutions can be categorised into three types:

1. Wireless Network Dim Down Sensor Solution:

Light fittings located at points of entry are fitted with microwave sensors to detect movement. As movement is detected, the sensor transmits wirelessly to all light fittings in range with receivers to illuminate. This is the most popular WBS solution used as it provides high levels of visibility, safety and comfort for pedestrians and tenants by illuminating the area before arrival.

Common applications:

Fire Stairs

Car Parks

2. Standalone Dim Down Sensor Solution:

Dim down movement sensors are installed into each fitting to detect movement and each light fitting dims down independently.

Common applications:

  • Small areas without daylight
  • Small storage areas without daylight
  • 1-2 car garages without daylight

3. Standalone Dim Down with Day Light Sensor Solution:

Dim down movement and daylight sensors are installed into each fitting to detect movement and the amount of light in the area. Enabling each light fittings to independently to turn off completely when enough daylight is illuminating the area. Once it’s dark, the light operates at 20% brightness when no one is around and at 100% brightness once someone enters the area.

Common applications:

  • Fire stairs with daylight
  • Corridors with daylight
  • Common areas with daylight
  • Small areas with daylight

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