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Project Overview

Sydney’s Olympic Park at Homebush was constructed in the late 90’s to host the 2000 Olympic games. Since the iconic games, this large site has served as a major precinct for special events, concerts and Sydney’s annual Royal Easter Show.

The Challenges

The site originally featured halogen recessed emergency lights, as well as fluorescent emergency exit and batten lights. This older emergency light technology requires significantly higher amounts of electricity to operate. Additionally, it required costly maintenance, with halogen and fluorescent light globes having to be replaced. This original system being non-monitored, meant legally required emergency light testing incurred high costs. This is due to the time and labour involved in qualified technicians manually testing over 2,000 emergency light fittings across the site routinely to make sure they hold power for the legally required time during power loss.

The Solution

WBS replaced a total of 2,653 light fittings with our networked LR emergency energy-saving LED lights. Installation of the WBS EMIoT wireless network system now allows for remote monitoring of all emergency light fittings on the site 24/7 via our web-based system and mobile app. The WBS EMIoT system is a true ‘wireless’ smart solution, with no wifi or network cable required to operate.

At the centre of the mesh network is a WBS 4G sim Gateway, which also eliminates the need for an onsite server. This makes the WBS EMIoT project installation very simple and cost-effective compared to other systems on the market. The ability for Olympic Park to test emergency lights automatically and remotely online has provided significantly high savings in annual maintenance costs across the Sydney Olympic Park complex.

Remote testing via the EMIoT network ensures test results are 100% accurate and that the site has legally complied with Australian emergency lighting regulations. Additionally, our automated remote testing of emergency lights guarantees there will be no interference to regular business operations on the site, for the visual and physical testing emergency lights usually require.

Real-time online visualisation of Plexus Network

The WBS EMIoT system is more than just emergency lighting. Lights link together to form a self-repairing network. All other IoT sensors at the site, such as temperature sensors, smoke alarms, air quality sensors, location trackers, electricity monitors and more, can utilize this network without any additional network infrastructure required. The EMIoT Plexus Network has pushed Sydney Olympic Park’s emergency lighting asset management to a whole new level, and the benefits reach beyond emergency lighting with EMIoT allowing the possibility of transforming the entire site into a green, energy-efficient smart facility.

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