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Emergency Lighting

What is emergency lighting?

Emergency lighting is a lighting fixture with a battery pack that turns on automatically when a building experiences a power failure. It includes emergency escape lighting, illuminated emergency exit signage, high-risk task area lighting and standby lighting.

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How often do emergency lights require testing?

In Australia, emergency lighting is required to be tested every 6 months as per set out in the Australian Standard AS2293.

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How long do emergency lights need to stay on?

Emergency lights need to stay on for a minimum of 90 minutes after the main power supply has been cut as per set out in the Australian Standards AS2293.

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What is maintained and non-maintained emergency lighting?

Maintained Emergency Lighting

Maintained emergency lighting is made to provide illumination throughout the day and during the event of a power failure to achieve your emergency lighting and day-to-day lighting requirements.

Non-Maintained Emergency Lighting

Non-Maintained Emergency Lighting is made to only illuminate during the event of a power failure to provide safe passage during an emergency.

Fluorescent vs LED Emergency Lights

We believe LED is the only way to go!

That’s why WBS only manufactures LED lighting products. LED lighting provides higher levels of illumination with lower power consumption and superior product longevity. While fluorescent products are cheaper per unit, LED products will save you money in the long run with substantial reductions on your power bill and decreasing environmental impact.

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Is It Important to Install Emergency Lighting?

According to The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005  it is a Necessity to Install Emergency Lighting.*

The Law States : ‘Emergency routes and exits requiring illumination must be provided with emergency lighting of adequate intensity in the case of failure of their normal lighting’. WBS provides Full Installation and Testing of the Emergency lights. Our EMIoT Technology automatically detects Faulty lights and informs our team. The team  assigns an Electrician to repair the product within 48 hours, keeping your Building Compliant With AFSS (Annual Fire Safety Statement) at all times.

How can I lower my Emergency Lighting costs?

Lowering Your Energy Bill

WBS can help you lower your energy bill with our Energy Saving projects. We use energy efficient LED and intelligent dimming technology to reduce your energy consumption by up to 80%.

Lowering Your Maintenance and Testing Costs

Eliminate unexpected bills with our EMIoT hassle-free 5-year service agreement including all your emergency lighting needs in a fixed-rate monthly fee from as little as $2.5 (per light/per month)

WBS Technology

Is WBS an Australian owned company?

WBS Technology is an Australia owned company. We design all our emergency lighting in Australia to ensure it suits the Australian environments and standards.

Are WBS products manufactured in Australia?

WBS products are manufactured in our factory located in China with a focus on quality and safety to ensure you’ll receive the high quality you’ve grown to expect from WBS.

Do WBS products meet all Australian standards?

WBS products are designed to meet Australian Standards and are tested to ensure all standards are met.

Does WBS sell direct?

WBS sells to everyone.

How long is the warranty on WBS products?

We offer a warranty double the industry standard.

Can I use my electrician to install WBS products?

Any electrician licensed in Australia can install WBS products.

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