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Smart buildingsEmergency lighting

Smart buildings

How to make your building more efficient, economical and occupant-friendly

Emergency lighting

Our emIoT system solves the maintenance and cost issues with emergency lights

Energy saving

See how to save up to 80% of your electricity costs and maintenance charges

LED products

Learn why our general and emergency lights are trade favourites


Creating more productive, economical and healthier buildings and facilities

Smart Technology lets buildings

reduce energy costs, consumption and emissions, optimise maintenance and operations, boost employee productivity and create new value streams

Answering the dreaded ‘do you know’

By deploying sensors and devices, building managers can see what is, has and will happen long before anyone brings it to your attention. This is all possible without being limited by or locked into expensive proprietary systems.

Technology that brings buildings to life

Along with upgrading your emergency lighting our emIoT system automatically empowers your premises with a wireless network. This in turn gives you the infrastructure to get more information from and greater value out of being a smart building with these capabilities:

Security Sensors

Monitor movements around the premises, around the clock

Smart Key Tracking

Historic- and live- tracking individual keys

Smart Ancillaries

Control use of car park ventilation and pumping systems

Smart HVAC

Monitor and control heating/cooling use and settings

Interact with Individuals

Interact with individuals via personal devices

Monitor Electricity Consumption

Monitor usage, outages and troublespots

Monitor Water Consumption

Gauge flows, check for leaks and consumption

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