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Technology Transforming Buildings Into Smart Ecosystems

WBS Technology is dedicated to the innovation and digital transformation of buildings into smart building ecosystems through cost-effective, scalable and transparent technology.

Streamlined Operations

Streamline your operations with predicted maintenance and cloud-based tracking.

Cloud Property Management

Manage and monitor your properties anywhere, anytime.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Proactive infrastructure monitoring with real-time status reports.

Multi-Site Energy Monitoring

Monitor energy consumption from multiple sites and identify trouble spots.

New Revenue Channels

Open new revenue opportunities by offering smart technology for tenants.

Actionable Data

Make data-driven decisions in real-time for operation optimisation.

WBS LED Lighting

We’ve been designing and manufacturing our very own high-quality LED lighting since 2011. We build it better to ensure it outperforms the industry standard and outlasts the competition, saving you money and time.

Lighting Products

Our Clients

A Brand You Can Trust

We pride ourselves in supplying the market with affordable, quality products backed with a warranty that is double the industry standard, we continually strive at challenging ourselves, raising the bar in developing the next generation of emergency lighting and smart building technology.

Client Testimonials

The delivery and installation was efficient with staff numbers provided to complete the whole installation in a day. The electricians were courteous tidy and efficient and offered immediate explanations to questions as required.
The engineering, technical and administration staff at WBS provided a high level of support and customer service that saw the project delivered on time, smoothly and with no disruptions to residents with all statutory certifications provided.

Alan SimmsSecretary Executive Committee

I highly recommend WBS Technology for any LED lighting upgrade project as they reduced my building's energy bill significantly. In addition, their smart building EMIoT network will save me an additional 30% on operations & maintenance costs throughout this financial year, making my building more efficient, safe and well for its community owners.

Michael BairdTransparent FM

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for a thoroughly professional and stress free installation of nearly 300 Led's including emergency lights in our building. From our initial contact with your staff and then you and through to completion it has been without any problems and your staff were always efficient and mindful that they were working in our homes. We could not be happier. They left the site in a cleaner state than when they arrived. I have been associated with the construction industry for over 40 years and your business is to be highly commended.

Paul KnightChairman Executive Committee

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