About us

WBS Technology have been operating in Australia since January 2011.  Today we have become a leading manufacturer of high quality LED emergency lighting and exit signs. We continually strive at challenging ourselves and raise the bar of excellence in developing the next generation in our pursuit towards creating smart building technology.

This inspiration was ignited in 2015, commencing a three-year journey of substantial commitment into research and development. WBS Technology have now created the perfect foundation in our evolution that connect into the wave of Internet of Things (IoT) forming the platform of developing the Smart Building ecosystem.

Our growth has not only been attributed to a strong focus on integration of intelligent technolo­gy, but more importantly the people whom we employ with their passion to excel and who have the best minds in their field of what they do best. At the heart of everything is that we keep our customers in the forefront in delivering exceptional services and the best solutions in meeting their needs.

WBS – Intelligent Technology Connecting People, Places & Things