Smart Buildings
What is Smart Building Technology?

Technology Empowering Building Owners, Operators & Tenants

Smart Building Technology digitalises your building by embedding traditional devices and systems with Internet of Things (IoT) Technology to enable wireless communication and interactivity over the internet to deliver real-time data to building owners and operators.

The Benefits

Technology Bringing Buildings to Life

Smart Building Technology allows the monitoring of infrastructure to reduce energy costs, optimise maintenance and operations, boost employee productivity and create new value streams powered with fast data-driven decision making utilising real-time analytics.

Security Sensors

Monitor movements around the premises, around the clock

Key Tracking

Historic and live tracking of individual keys for asset and tenant safety


Monitor the status of ventilation and pumping systems remotely


Monitor the status of heating/cooling usage and settings


Interact with individuals via personal devices

Energy Usage

Monitor energy usages, outages and identify troublespots

Water Usage

Gauge flows, check for leaks and consumption

Endless Possibilities

With EMIoT’s open platform new devices are just around the corner

Smart Building Devices

Smart Building Device:

Key Tracker

Keep track of anything with our smart key tracker, featuring a slim design with improved battery life.

Coming Soon
Smart Building Device:

Smart Smoke Alarm

Our smart smoke alarm will proactively alert you when there is an emergency or when the battery needs to be replaced.

Coming Soon
Smart Building Device:

Exit Sign Camera

Our exit sign with an embedded camera will allow you to view anybody or thing captured exiting or entering your building.

Coming Soon
Smart Building Device:

Smart Meter

Monitor your buildings energy consumption and identify trouble spots for energy saving.

Coming Soon
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EMIoT is the wireless network that transforms your building into a smart building ecosystem through emergency lighting. Allowing your building to easily connect smart devices and other smart building technologies.

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