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Project Overview

The ‘Palermo’ complex at 3 Baywater Dr, Wentworth Point completed construction in 2007. The building consists of 62 units over 8 floors and 2 levels of underground car parking. WBS Technology was approached to replace existing emergency and non-emergency lighting fixtures in the car park, fire stairs, common areas and gym of the Baywater Dr complex. The objective of the project was to achieve significant energy savings and to reduce maintenance costs by a considerable amount. This objective was accomplished using energy-efficient LED fixtures, WBS Dim-Down Technology and EMIoT system.

The Challenges

The previous lighting structure at the Baywater Dr building utilised fluorescent light fittings with no energy saving controls or networked based system. This resulted in significant overhead expenses with regards to energy and maintenance costs. Fluorescent fittings required constant replacement, a lack of energy saving controls meant that lights were operating at full brightness 24/7 and an absence of an emergency lighting network system accounted for a lack of transparency and smart building compatibility. 

The Solution

335 fluorescent fittings were replaced in the car parks, fire stairs, common areas and gym of the Palermo complex. High-quality LED fixtures have now been installed with WBS dim-down technology and EMIoT capability.

The LED fittings heavily contribute to the 83% energy savings achieved at the Palermo complex. LED lamps generate directional light and use most of their energy to create light, rather than heat and light, making them highly energy efficient. Additionally, LEDs provide dim-down options and EMIoT capabilities, allowing for further energy and maintenance savings to be achieved.

The use of LED lighting fixtures has also allowed for dim-down technology to also be utilised in the fire stairs and car parks of the Palermo complex. This technology allows for lighting in these areas to be dimmed to 20% brightness when no movement is detected and illuminated to 100% brightness when movement is detected. The energy saving benefits and zone control method of operation both contributed to the client’s interest in utilising this technology. WBS installs microwave sensors on light fittings located at the car park and fire stairs points of entry. As movement is detected, the sensor transmits wirelessly to all light fittings in range with receivers to illuminate. This solution provides 100% brightness in areas ahead of your arrival.

The use of LEDs, dim-down technology and EMIoT all actively contributed to the overall maintenance savings achieved at the Baywater Dr complex.

  • LED lights have a longer lifespan and thus do not require constant replacement.
  • The use of dim-down technology means that lights aren’t operating at full brightness 24/7. This facilitates in LEDs maintaining greater brightness over an extended period of time.
  • EMIoT has provided the building with transparency regarding lighting results and maintenance predictability, the opportunity for remote online monitoring and scheduled testing and a 5-year service agreement that includes free parts and labour creating bill smoothing.

The use of these different features has resulted in maintenance savings of $5,427 and allowed for building and facility managers to budget on other maintenance based expenses.

The EMIoT network has enabled energy savings of 172,160.63 kWh equating to savings of $41,318 on the electricity bill per year. The 5-year service agreement includes all light fittings, installation, monitoring and remote testing in the fixed project price, hence eliminating costs over the next five years. As a consequence of this agreement, WBS is able to erase an estimated $5,427 per year on emergency light maintenance.

The use of energy efficient LED lighting fixtures, dim-down technology and EMIoT networked system has produced considerable energy savings ($41,318.55), maintenance savings ($5,427), an energy-saving rebate ($25,680) and a project payback time of 13 months, thus, accomplishing the objectives set.

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