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Project Overview

The 42 Diamond Bay Rd complex, located in Vaucluse, offers panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean. WBS Technology was approached to replace 15 lighting fixtures in the basement corridors of the building with the aim of producing significant energy and maintenance savings. The 84% energy savings and $243 in maintenance savings were achieved via the use of energy efficient LEDs with dim-down technology.

The Challenges

The previous lighting system in the basement corridors of the 42 Diamond Bay Rd complex contained fluorescent fittings with no energy saving controls. There were issues surrounding the overall design and structure of this system with lights operating at full brightness 24/7. The constant replacement of fluorescent bulbs, as well as a lack of consistency, also contributed to excessive electricity bills and tenant dissatisfaction. 

The Solution

15 fluorescent lighting fixtures were replaced with energy efficient LED Wire-Guard battens with Dim-Down Technology in the basement corridors of the Diamond Bay Rd complex. The installation of these features has resulted in 84% energy savings and $249 maintenance savings being achieved.

The use of dim-down technology allows for lighting to be dimmed to 20% when no movement is detected and then illuminated to 100% brightness when movement is detected. The client conveyed interest in using the dim-down technology due to its energy-saving benefits and zone control method of illumination.

Light fittings located at the corridors point of entry were fitted with microwave sensors to detect movement. As movement is encountered, the sensor transmits wirelessly to all light fittings in range with receivers to illuminate. This solution illuminates areas before arrival, creating high levels of visibility, safety and comfort for tenants.

The installation of LED fittings has heavily contributed to the overall energy and maintenance savings as well. The previous lighting structure required fluorescent lamps to be replaced continually. LED fittings possess a longer lifespan and maintain their brightness for an extended period of time meaning a lesser replacement rate and constant compliance with Australian standards.

Despite only replacing 15 lighting fixtures, the use of LEDs with dim-down technology was able to achieve energy savings of 4,535.93 kWh. On average, this equates to $1,088.62 savings on the electricity bill per year. Because of the long lifespan of the LED fittings and lights not operating at full brightness 24/7, maintenance savings of $243.00 were successfully achieved.

The aim of achieving significant energy and maintenance savings using LED fittings with dim-down technology was successfully reached. Although only a small project with 15 fittings replaced, WBS Technology was still able to accomplish noticeable savings.

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