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Network Emergency & Exit Lighting

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Value Added Network Emergency & Exit Lighting

Eliminate unexpected bills with EMIoT’s hassle-free 5-year service agreement including all your emergency lighting needs in a fixed-rate monthly fee from as little as $2.5 (per light/per month):
  • Energy Saving LED Lighting
  • Standard Initial Installation Included
  • 24/7 Emergency Lighting Monitoring
  • Unlimited Free Emergency Light Testing
  • AFSS Emergency Lighting Certificate
  • 5-Year Labour warranty
  • 5-Year Parts Manufacturer Warranty
EMIoT creates a stable and scalable IoT network to transform your buildings into a smart building allowing you to connect cost-effective smart devices to predict maintenance, reduce energy consumption, enhance security and safety throughout your building.
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Smart Building Benefits

The EMIoT platform has been designed to tackle many of the common issues building owners, and operators face on a day-to-day basis. EMIoT enables building owners and operators to easily deploy new smart devices within their building ecosystem for energy reduction, optimised maintenance, boost employee or tenant productivity, safety and security.

Security Sensors

Monitor movements around the premises, around the clock

Key Tracking

Historic and live tracking of individual keys for asset and tenant safety


Monitor the status of ventilation and pumping systems remotely


Monitor the status of heating/cooling usage and settings


Interact with individuals via personal devices

Energy Usage

Monitor energy usages, outages and identify troublespots

Water Usage

Gauge flows, check for leaks and consumption

Endless Possibilities

With EMIoT’s open platform new devices are just around the corner

Smart Building Technology

1. Purchase Outright:

Purchase EMIoT networking emergency lights outright and pay yearly network connection fees for proactive cloud testing & monitoring.
  • Ownership of LED Emergency Lighting
  • Unlimited Free Emergency Light Testing
  • 24/7 Emergency Light Monitoring
  • 5-Year Parts Manufacturer Warranty

Lights from $90

(per light)

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2. 5-Year Service Agreement:

5-Year service agreement for upgrading complete buildings to EMIoT networking emergency lights inclusive of:
  • Ownership of LED Emergency Lighting
  • Unlimited Free Emergency Light Testing
  • 24/7 Emergency Light Monitoring
  • 5-Year Parts Manufacturer Warranty
  • Gateway/s Included
  • AFSS Emergency Lighting Certificate
  • 5-Year Labour Warranty
  • Standard Initial Installation
One-off Payment or

From as little as $2.5

(per light/per month)

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Open Platform For Customer Value

Once the EMIoT network is installed in your building, we open the network to other smart devices such as water meter, smoke alarms, and energy meters you wish to utilise. Any compatible device can join the EMIoT network and achieve Internet connectivity creating a smart building ecosystem.

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The Technology Behind EMIoT

The EMIoT network is a low power network technology providing reliable wireless communications throughout a building. Our low power meshed network technology covers 99% of the building – minimising the costs compared to traditional networked emergency lighting systems and supporting IT infrastructure.

Exit signs are embedded with SIM cards to enable cellular communication to Cloud-based servers to allow seamless and reliable connections from the web  interface to the emergency lights and other connected devices.

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EMIoT Network Diagram
EMIoT utilises Amazon’s Web Services to serve building owners and operators with the ability to monitor and interact with their building.
Selected exit signs are used as gateways to communicate to the cloud by the embedded SIM cards.
Cloud hosting secure by MQTT.
State-of-the-art LoRa mesh networking technology creates a stable and scalable network that allows devices to connect automatically via the path with the strongest connection.
Emergency Lights are spread out evenly throughout buildings, creating a smart building network with reduced blindspots.
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Developed In Australia

In Partnership With The University of NSW

We believe in developing strong partnerships to further develop our company values and spread knowledge.

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