The internet of things (IoT) has changed the way we do just about everything in today’s world – but it’s not just about self-driving vehicles and smart home tech.

Through the industrial internet of things (IIoT), entire industries have experienced a revolution of sorts, gaining efficient, sustainable, and cost-saving advantages that help them thrive, even in today’s volatile markets.

Organisations that have completed their digital transformation now have access to innovations that drive new efficiencies, reduce costs, and provide transparency into all connected processes. This just some of what IIoT can do, and it still has a long way to go before it reaches its full potential.

How smart building technology is changing the world

Leveraging digital connectivity, smart building technology is transforming building management and operations in every segment of every industry, and in almost every corner of the globe.

Technologies like emergency lighting, zone-controlled HVAC, machine monitoring and operation, building security, asset tracking, and human capital management can now be monitored and controlled from a central, cloud-based source, reducing the burden on management and optimizing efforts from end-to-end through greater cost efficiency and transparency into every process.

IoT: a sustainable solution for the mining industry

IoT is a sustainable solution that can manage a massive set of variables.

In the mining industry, companies are finding success by combining traditional mining equipment with IoT controlled autonomous trucks, drones, and trains that operate within the mine, improving efficiency, reducing costs, and improving worker safety.

Mining Equipment

Remote operation

A network of sensors monitors mine operations, sending data back to operators who can then analyse and optimize processes. Trucks and trains can be operated and monitored remotely, helping mining operations run more efficiently and scale with ease.

Health and safety improvements

By replacing people with drones on surveys and other missions, the risk of injury and illness is greatly reduced.

Additionally, wearables can report a miner’s vital statistics back to an operator, helping to identify risks and reduce the potential for injury.

Reducing waste

IoT also has the potential to help reduce or eliminate waste in mining operations. Through streamlined processes, automation, and improved planning, sustainable workflows can be implemented to drive greater efficiencies.

Transforming mining operations into a smart ecosystem

With myriad IoT and IIoT technologies readily accessible, mining operations need to focus first on their digital transformation. Once a platform is established, other smart devices can be added to it; any compatible device or sensor can be added to the network, helping organisations build smart, sustainable operations.

How EMIoT can help

WBS Technology’s EMIoT is designed to enable the IoT environment. Though its core function is connected emergency lighting, it is capable of sustaining a diverse and highly configurable network of smart building controls, including security sensors, HVAC systems, energy monitoring, water usage and quality, air quality, and communications.

Benefits of IoT in the mine

In mining operations, IoT operates exactly the same as it does within buildings, providing benefits for management, employees, and stakeholders in every department.

For managers, it offers a way to accurately monitor and control systems and equipment, reducing waste and increasing efficiency. Employees can work safely, knowing they are connected to a system of accountability that is greater than themselves.

For the mining sector as a whole, IoT establishes a safer and more sustainable work environment, allowing companies to grow while providing better opportunities for all involved.

In conclusion, EMIoT is a reliable and scalable way for mining companies to access today’s most powerful digital tools. With wider adoption of these advances, mining is poised to join other industries who have transcended to new heights, buoyed by IoT.

If you would like to learn more about how EMIoT can transform your mining operations, reach out today.

Randi Sherman

Randi Sherman

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