EMIoT is an emergency lighting network and testing system that utilises Internet of Things technology by using each exit or emergency light as a node in the IoT network, passing data and information back and forth throughout the building to create a real-time interface allowing users to directly test and monitor their emergency systems easily and remotely.

EMIot is run by a low power meshed wide area network via microcontrollers and radio transceivers built into Emergency and Exit lighting. Some of these Emergency and Exit fittings also have cellular gateways integrated into them, allowing the mesh network to seamlessly and reliably connect to a cloud-based server where the end-user is able to directly monitor and interact with all Emergency and Exit lighting remotely.

EMIoT Smart Building Device Connection Diagram

As well as this the Emergency and Exit fittings have inbuilt proprietary routers utilising state-of-the-art LoRa mesh networking technology which allows devices to automatically determine signal strength and interact via the path with the strongest connection so the network is equally spread throughout the building, thus reducing and even eliminating connectivity ‘dead spots’. This technology allows the building to be completely covered with all fittings being able to be monitored without the need for cabling or additional hardware, dramatically reducing costs when compared to other automatic testing solutions as well as manually testing and maintaining the emergency lighting system.

For more information about our EMIoT monitored system with automatic electronic record-keeping, contact WBS Technology or your local wholesaler.

Jayden Watson

Jayden Watson

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