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Project Overview

Located on Sylvan Avenue in Balgowlah, The Village houses 234 units, 3 levels of car parks with 250 car spaces. Positive word-of-mouth and a strong recommendation allowed WBS Technology to replace 402 emergency and non-emergency fluorescent fittings with LED, dim-down lighting fixtures and EMIoT capability. These replacements took place in the car parks, common areas and fire stairs of the complex achieving energy savings of 53% and maintenance savings of $15,650 per year.

The Challenges

A lack of consistency, safety and transparency, no energy saving controls and a previously outdated emergency lighting structure produced in a variety of challenges for building managers, facility managers and residents at the Sylvan Avenue complex. The lack of an emergency lighting network meant a lack of transparency between building owners and fire safety auditors. No energy saving controls indicated that lights were operating at full brightness 24/7. The previous lighting structure utilised fluorescent fittings which needed constant replacement resulting in cost-ineffectiveness and energy inefficiency.

The Solution

402 energy efficient LEDs, with dim-down technology and EMIoT capability, were installed in the car parks, fire stairs and common areas of the Sylvan Avenue complex. WBS Spotfires, Recessed Exits, Wire Guard and Diffuser Battens were used as a part of the project and achieved energy savings of $14,479 and maintenance savings of $15,650 per year.

A lack of consistency, transparency and safety was easily solvable as a result of EMIoT. Building and Facility Managers have been provided with the opportunity to perform remote online monitoring and scheduled testing. This will allow for transparency of results, tenant safety with regards to any broken or failed lights and consistency of having lights in full operation 24/7.

The previous lighting structure contained fluorescent fittings with no energy saving controls. With WBS Dim-Down technology, The Village was able to reduce its average yearly energy bill by $14,479. The client expressed acknowledgment to tenant safety as a result of the dim-down lighting. The use of this technology allows an illuminated path ahead of patrons in car parks and fire stairs. High levels of visibility add extra comfort and safety to these otherwise dull areas. This, combined with the energy saving benefits dim-down sensors provide, culminated in overall client satisfaction.

WBS Technology was able to provide solutions to previous lighting challenges and offer an IoT foundation for future devices to connect to. The Sylvan Avenue complex now possess an emergency lighting system that is energy efficient and cost effective.

The EMIoT network has enabled energy savings of 60,330.12 kWh equating to savings of $ $14,479.23 on the electricity bill per year. The 5-year service agreement includes all light fittings, installation, monitoring and remote testing in the fixed project price, hence eliminating costs over the next five years. As a consequence of this agreement, WBS is able to erase an estimated $15,650.10 per year on emergency light maintenance.

The use of energy efficient LED lighting fixtures, dim-down technology and EMIoT networked system has produced substantial energy savings ($14,479.23), maintenance savings ($15,650.10), an energy-saving rebate ($7,760.00) and a project payback time of 21 months.

Products Used

Client Testimonial

We have used and still use WBS for all our Emergency and Exit Lighting for the Shopping Centre, car parks and residential areas of our complex. We have always found that WBS employees are very experienced, knowledgeable and keep us updated on improvements with the technology.

After 6 years of using a previous system, we found that better power saving fittings were available. This, as well as an Energy Saving Scheme Rebate on the lighting and a payback time of under 2 years all contributed to our decision to choose WBS.

The LED & Sensor light fittings are anticipated to increase the life span up to 10 years which removes further maintenance and costs over this time. WBS has been quick to respond to any enquiry’s we have had. We certainly have no hesitation in recommending WBS.

Garry DhuBuilding Manager - Building Facilities Management Solutions

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