EMIoT technology is a low power meshed wide area network technology providing reliable wireless communications over microcontrollers and radio transceivers, which is also integrated to robust cellular gateways and a Cloud-based server to enable seamless and reliable communications from web-based front-end to the smart emergency lights and other connected smart building devices. Furthermore, the wireless communications are safeguarded by state-of-the-art cryptographic primitive, i.e., AES-128.

Our low power meshed network technology covers 100% of the building with a single edge gateway, which is significantly smaller than conventional wireless technology such as WiFi and Bluetooth – minimising the costs required for traditional networked emergency lighting systems and supporting IT infrastructure. In fact, our gateway comes equipped with a cellular SIM card, which makes the system independent of existing communication infrastructure.

EMIoT Network Diagram
EMIoT utilises Amazon’s Web Services to serve building owners and operators with the ability to monitor and interact with their building
Cloud hosting secure by MQTT
Selected exit signs are used as gateways to communicate to the cloud by the embedded SIM cards.
Emergency Lights are spread out evenly throughout buildings, creating a smart building network with reduced blindspots
State-of-the-art LoRa mesh networking technology creates a stable and scalable network that allows devices to automatically via the path with the strongest connection

The EMIoT network is truly unique in that it utilises a series of proprietary routers embedded in emergency lights to enable the signal strength of embedded wireless devices to be equally spread throughout the building thus reducing “black spots” or “dead zones”. Furthermore, the low power wireless network chip can be retrofitted into existing emergency light installations to minimise low cost and environmental impact. The close-source code base for the end-to-end smart networked emergency lights system includes embedded device firmware, cellular gateway software, as well as back-end Cloud and front-end software and apps.

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