We guarantee that your emergency lighting will comply and function year after year for one, low fixed rate

What types of emergency lights are available?

Batten lights

Oyster lights


Why are traditional emergency lights expensive?
It requires the service of a fire technician to undertake testing of the system.
How often do emergency lights need testing?
Generally every six months.
How much will it cost each time?
You won’t know until you receive the invoice, but typically hundrends and even thousands of dollars. This will depend on the number of emergency lights and the labour time required by the fire technician to take the testing.
What is actually being replaced?
Should emergency lights fail, it will be difficult to know which components require replacement, unless the fire technician provides an itemised list. However with WBS emIoT system, we take the guesswork away, giving you full transparency and control.
Was that not replaced last time?
That could be a difficult question to answer especially when there are a lot of emergency lights involved, making tracking of repairs difficult. WBS emIoT automatically logs each emergency light service history, replacing the challenging task of the traditional manual auditing process.

What is WBS Technology’s solution?


emIoT lease program: a predictable cost for 5 years, guaranteed

emIoT stands for the ‘Emergency lighting Internet of Things’ but it really means doing away with outmoded and expensive services, swapping them for a low flat rate payment plan that can be easily budgeted for. As WBS Technology is world-class innovator, you can also enjoy our unique networked emergency lighting system which can transform your property in to a smart one.

How much will I pay for six-monthly tests?
Who is responsible for monitoring the lighting?
WBS Technology
What if lights need replacing?
Is there a charge for the technician’s labour?
What about my certification and its costs?
Can I get online reporting of the emergency lighting?
Will I be charged for any extras?
Can I buy an emIoT system rather than lease it?
Does emIoT comply with Australian Standard AS2293 / 1680?
Are emIoT components iPART approved?
Are emIoT components certified by NATA?

An affordable flat rate per light, per month

Take advantage of our emIoT Lease Program and immediately upgrade your emergency lighting and exit signs with WBS Technology replacing all your current lights with our high quality, networkable system that automatically link with each other.

What sort of savings can I expect?

What sort of savings can I expect?

Our recent customer with 178 emergency lights will now half their costs

Cost for last 5 years

Saving in next 5 years

See what emIoT could save you

See what emIoT could save you

Enter the total number your emergency lights to see the likely saving our emIoT system will bring you

Emergency lights

Saving per year

How can WBS offer this deal?

We design and manufacture our own lighting, that meets all the Australian standards and is installed in hundreds of buildings nationwide. We build it better to ensure it out performs the industry standard. Your current emergency lighting is likely to fail once, if not twice during a five year period, compounding the cost of not only your parts but also the labour component. With WBS emIoT lease plan we are responsible for monitoring and replacing any such failures, with peace-of-mind that all of our equipment is guaranteed for five years.

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